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WOR-FM Rewound Labor Day Weekend!


Original WOR-FM shows from 1967 to 1971!
The DJ's, the music and the sound of Drake/Chenault Top 40 Radio.

Three days...
Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

It's another special radio weekend from Rewound Radio!

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Ace - How Long

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  • Michael Jackson - Rockin' Robin
  • Doors - Light My Fire
  • Brenda Lee - I Want To Be Wanted

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    The History of Rock and Roll with Gary Theroux
    Weekdays at 10AM, 3PM and 9PM

    The Sixties and Seventies Show LIVE with Bob Radil
    Friday nights at 6PM

    The Rewound Radio DJ Hall of Fame produced by John Troll
    Saturdays at 12 Noon

    Rewound Radio LIVE with Allan Sniffen
    Saturday afternoons at 3PM

    That Thing with Rich Appel LIVE
    Sunday nights at 6PM

     It's not how old it is... It's how GOOD it is!
    And... it keeps getting better!


    Rewound Radio

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    The Life & Times of Dan Ingram: In His Own Words
    As originally broadcast live here on Rewound Radio July 2!

    Allan Sniffen hosts a special six hour show featuring Dan talking about his
    career from his early days on into the 2000's.

    We have excerpts from interviews Dan gave from as early as 1965
    along with airchecks from his days at WALK, WNHC, KBOX, WIL, WABC, WCBS-FM & WKTU and more!

    Listen to it "On Demand" by click or tapping:

    The Life & Times of Dan Ingram hosted by Allan Sniffen

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